About Club 24

SINCE THE EARLY DAYS… There have always been AAs who have sought a place to go for coffee and conversation; a spot where members could gather for lunch; a place where they could gather socially on weekends and holidays. In 1947, Bill W. wrote a Grapevine article on clubs that became part of our pamphlet

“A.A. Tradition—How It Developed.” The title carried the question, “Clubs in A.A.—Are They With Us to Stay?” Today, the answer to that question can be “yes.” The success and the endurance of the club idea can be ascribed to the wisdom and guidance expressed in Bill’s article and to the willingness of club-minded A.A.s to help make them work.  These AAs make it possible for a club to function effectively without detracting from AA’s source of recovery—the A.A. group. Experience demonstrates that a club can live in harmony with the A.A. community and serve a very useful purpose for those who find a club helpful.

Founded in 1949, we began as the AA Club at 50 Queen Street and incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act in May of 1951. Club incorporation information is available through Service Nova Scotia Joint Stock Registry. The club operated in rental space until 2001 when the existing building at 3 Dundas Street was purchased. 

The operation of the club is made possible by membership fees,  group meeting fees, donations, fund raising events as well as occasional grants from various levels of government. (See notes below)

Club 24 has been registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a charitable organization since 1990, and as such is permitted to issue official receipts for tax purposes for donations from individuals and corporations. The Club is required to file Information Returns on an annual basis, and selected information from these returns is available to the public on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

 Grants Received 

  • In late 2013 and early 2014 Club 24 converted it’s heating system to natural gas and undertook Phase 1 of the replacement of Kitec pipes and fittings. Funding ($ 9.000) for this project was provided by Halifax Regional Municipality through the Community Grants Program. Additional funding for the program came from the Province Of Nova Scotia Natural Gas equipment Rebate Program.
  • Robert Chisholm, the Member of Parliament for our area, donated a wonderful used printer.
  • Club 24 would like to acknowledge the very substantial property tax reduction provided by Halifax Regional Municipality through the Tax Relief For Non-Profit Organizations Program.  This program reduces our annual property tax bill by about 75%, allowing us to keep rents charged to our user groups lower than would otherwise be the case.